Spiral Desiccant Closures

Parekhplast India Limited is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and healthcare industry offering spiral desiccant closures under the brand name of SealDry

The spiral desiccant closures or stoppers for our effervescent tablet tubes provide maximum protection while enhancing the shelf life of your product. Our spiral desiccant closures come with an inbuilt tamper evident ring which can protect the integrity of your product while the spiral design of the cap helps in keeping the product in place during transportation.

Desiccants are incorporated directly into the closure to rapidly and thoroughly absorb moisture within the effervescent tablet tube thus extending shelf life and ensuring that your product quality remains intact. Our desiccant caps come with Silica gel or Molecular Sieve or both to prevent from light, humidity and moisture.

Our spiral desiccant closures have passed various quality checks such as overall migration, specific migration of heavy metals, Bisphenol-A, Microbiological (TAMC and TYMC) and Sensory tests. These also comply with major EU/EC norms for plastic packaging materials that come in contact with food.

Our SealDry desiccant closures or caps are available with and without the spiral feature. These closures are available in a wide variety of colors & can be specially matched to your shade requirement.


  • The spiral ring inside the desiccant closures or desiccant stopper protects the tablet from breakage.

  • The desiccant inside the spiral desiccant closure protects the tablet from light, humidity and moisture.

  • The inbuilt pilfer ring in the spiral desiccant closures protects against pilferage.

  • The spiral desiccant closures are Non-toxic and immune to microbiological attack.

  • The spiral desiccant closures can come in a variety of colors to offer an attractive packaging option, thus increasing your brand valueWith a reusable cap, the spiral desiccant closures are customer friendly and easy to open.