Plastic Pails

PAREKHPAST offers a rich catalogue of plastic buckets for everyday use in various build, size and volume. They are manufactured using food grade Copolymer Polypropylene or Random Copolymer plastics. The food grade plastic certification, non-corrosive nature, and temperature tolerance of up to 90 degree Celsius make our plastic buckets well suited for storing and carrying edible items.

In addition, all our buckets are tamper resistant, ensuring same quality experience during the course of its lifetime. If you are looking for plastic pails for use in the food packaging industry, Parekhplast has a variety of options for you. We understand the specific storage and packaging requirements of food packaging and so, have a range of products that place a strong emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene.

Our plastic buckets are very popular in various industries like dairy, probiotics and nutrition wherein these bucket are used for packaging purpose.